Minneapolis, MN

Healing sessions

At Lighthorse Studios I work to empower you; clearing away energy that no longer serves you, healing past wounding and guiding you towards your life's purpose.

We will work together towards your healing, to connect you with your brightest, boldest self. Email me to set up a chat and I invite you to see which offerings, below, resonate with you. 



illustration of a gold butterfly 

This ancient healing modality connects you with your life's purpose, your true nature, your highest self. It can help you release old fears and blocks, or catapult you into the life you've always wanted to live.

It's something that you only need to do once in your life, but it can be done more often if desired—for a little energy boost. The session will last about 1.5 hours and includes an energetic balancing.

$250 energy exchange per session


From a client:
Steven, IT Technician, Underwood, WA
"One Friday I woke up, physically exhausted, dragging myself to work, almost turning back home to call in sick. I took an anti inflammatory pill and pushed through. 

This has been happening in the last couple of weeks, barely making it to the weekend where my body feels much older than it should. That evening I received a life activation session from Jenna. My feet and legs felt light and I felt a peace inside of me I have been craving for quite some time. Wonderful ideas have been flowing with crystal clarity since then, my legs and face have been radiating heat for the last two days and I can’t wait to get back to work on Monday, what a shift in energy!

I don’t know what really happened and I can’t really explain it, but would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in flipping the switch back on!!"



Reiki is a powerful healing modality and can provide relief for physical ailments, as well as, emotional, mental or psychological issues, even addiction and bad habits.

Your session will include an hour of treatment where you will be laying on a comfortable, warm and padded massage table simply relaxing.

$70 energy exchange per session
$180 energy exchange for a package of 3 sessions

Illustration of hands raising up to the moon


illustration of a gold sun with a face

This healing sessions works to restore your health and energy, assists in blocking out other people's negative energy and helps you to feel more radiant and peaceful.  

Like all energy work this is an accumulative process, so depending on the current state of your aura you may feel different effects after your first session. Typically 2 or 3 consecutive sessions are recommended, but we can assess that after your first one.


Sessions are about 30 minutes and can be done weekly. Receiving this session monthly is recommended, to keep your aura full and bright.  

$60 energy exchange per session
$150 energy exchange for a package of 3 sessions



 Illustration of crystals with moon

I work with an array of gemstones and crystals, along with strong and loving earth energy to facilitate this healing.

The areas of healing we can focus on are:

  • Emotions
  • The Body
  • The Mind
  • Internal Problems
  • Space Reversal – Balance, depth perception, grounding, mental illness
  • Time Enhancement – for those who seem to never have enough
  • Pure Mind – to attune to our higher god-mind/source energy, mind of the heart
  • Increased libido
  • Empowerment – releasing victim mentality

You can choose 3 of the areas above. The session lasts about 45 min and will end with a 15 minute Intuitive Reading. In the reading you can ask questions about the past, or the future. These readings prove to be really powerful and life-affirming for people.

$70 energy exchange per session
$180 energy exchange for a package of 3 sessions

Intuitive Reading Session only - 30 minutes = $50 energy exchange



This session includes working with a set of twin crystals, along with a powerful ancient chant. 

Good for:

  • Healing old wounds and traumas
  • Healing new wounds
  • Good fortune

Sessions are about 45 minutes and can be done daily.

$70 energy exchange per session
$180 energy exchange for a package of 3 sessions

ILLUSTRATION of moon inside of a crystal



This healing modality works to clear past patterns out of your aura and anchor in a new life mission for yourself. 

It always amazes me how strong this energy anchors in, to help you bring about what you are trying to manifest. 

$90 energy exchange  


This sessions helps you gain more clarity of mind to assist you in connecting more deeply with your life's purpose which helps you align with self-care, new opportunities and focusing your energy on the things that are in alignment with what you are manifesting. 

Pre-requisite: A Life Activation

$150 energy exchange per session


gold illustration of a celtic knot and the symbols of the four elements in each direction


gold illustration of a heart with leaves, moon and stars

This healing modality helps to clear blocked energy and useful when you are feeling stuck. It will give you increased energy to get things done and infuse you with sexual and creative energy. It also serves to connect you more deeply to your emotions and gets you excited about life's simple pleasures again. 

 Pre-requisite: A Life Activation

$150 energy exchange per session


This session is important when you are moving into a new home, as you want a clear, fresh space to move into.

We all leave an energetic residue and you want to ensure that you aren't picking up past, potentially negative energies from the previous tenants. 

This is also great if you just want to freshen the energy of your current home, or clear any emotional or dramatic events that could have taken place there. 

How it works: I come to the space you want cleared for about 2 hours, to cleanse, clear and bless the space for your new beginning. 

$250 energy exchange per session


gold illustration of a hand facing up with a moon above it amongst stars



gold illustration of a snake amongst flowers


Cut energetic ties with people you are in relationship with, that are no longer serving you. Typically this is done when one wants to move on from a close relationship, like a significant other or a business partner. 

This does not mean that the person will immediately exit your life, but your energy will no longer be entwined with theirs. 

This can also be used if you just want to change the dynamic of your relationship with someone and release the energetic ties that are currently there. This will help you rebuild and reconnect with them from a new space. 

This session also includes extra blessings that clear away unwanted energy and allows you to anchor in your deepest wish. 

This session makes a great add-on to any other one. 

$70 energy exchange per session