Minneapolis, MN

About us

Lighthorse Studios is a community that invites women to shine, through eco-fashion and the healing arts, so that they live an empowered life. 

We care about you and we care about the planet. Everything we do centers around keeping you in balance and empowered while your clothing expresses the goddess that you are, without the harmful impact on the environment. 

Our pieces are vintage, preloved and upcycled. They are carefully cleansed using environmentally-friendly detergents, as well as, being energetically cleansed with sage smoke. 

Much of our love goes into repairing the pieces that we find, to give them a second, or third chance to stay in your closet and on your body, instead of in the landfill. 

Since the heart of our mission is to help you shine from the inside and out, we were inspired to use the healing light energy and place it into each garment—a little extra love and sparkle in each piece, for you. 


Jenna Leskela Head Shot

Jenna Leskela is the creator of Lighthorse Studios, conceived after working in the New York fashion industry and realizing the damaging effects it has on our planet. (It's the world's 2nd largest polluter... behind oil!) A world tour, researching environmentally-friendly fashion, eventually brought her back home to the Twin Cities after 17 years.

Enjoying the cities and community, a friend introduced her to a healer. This goddess provided her a Life Activation. While not fully understanding the magnitude of that healing session at the time, she has now come to attribute much of her current life path to it. Jenna is now trained in giving these Life Activations herself, one of the most essential ways she intends to empower people. 

It is with so much gratitude that she is able to combine her passions, serving you, serving the planet ... and playing with fun, beautiful, eco-friendly clothing!