What you’ll get from this session:

• an assessment of what clothes to keep, repair, alter or get rid of

• styled, go-to outfits based on your current wardrobe

• removal of unwanted garments (if desired)

This session is 3.5 hours long and is done at your home.

It will require some prep work to get your closet ready for us to go through, but not to worry, we'll discuss that in detail ahead of time.

Basically, it will involve us having access to your wardrobe ie. you pulling out your shoes, displaying your accessories, etc.

I will bring clothing racks and tools for our organization throughout this process.

Other benefits to this session:

• you'll have outfits that work and are ready to toss on for ease of getting ready in the future

• we can establish outfits for work, fun, date nights, etc.

• we can make a list of what is missing from your wardrobe so you know what to buy next time you're out shopping

$300 per session

You can book your session below.