I work with an array of gemstones and crystals, along with strong and loving earth energy to facilitate this healing.

The areas of healing we can focus on are:

• Emotions
• The Body
• The Mind
• Internal Problems
• Space Reversal – Balance, depth perception, grounding, mental illness
• Time Enhancement – for those who seem to never have enough
• Pure Mind – to attune to our higher god-mind/source energy, mind of the heartIncreased libido
• Empowerment – releasing victim mentality

You can choose 3 of the areas above. The session lasts about 45 min and will end with a 15 minute Intuitive Reading. In the reading you can ask questions about the past, or the future. These readings prove to be really powerful and life-affirming for people.

$100 for both (15 minute reading)

Intuitive Reading only - 30 minutes = $50

Crystal Healing for Trauma

If you love working with crystals and have some very specific trauma that needs healing, this session is for you.