You will walk away from this session knowing:

• your color pallette

• what shapes of garments work best for your body type and proportions

• what level of texture best suits you

• how to put outfits together that express your authentic self

• plus so so much more

It is a 3.5 hour session, don't worry, there will be snacks and bevvies!

We'll discuss your style goals and determine your Energy Type—Earth, Air, Water or Fire, which helps guide you in putting your outfits together in relation to your authentic self.

It's a LOT of information and lots of fun to discover.

You’ll be sent home with:

• a booklet with all of your specific information

• a photo of your color palette (with an option to purchase your own swatch booklet)

• a voice recording of the entire session to refer back to

• a sense of confidence knowing what clothes bring out your true beauty

$250 per session

You can book your appointment below.