The Full Package

This will be a 6-week journey to take you from feeling unsure of yourself, your future and how to show up in the world, to feeling confident, radiant and deserving of a joyful life.  

We will meet in-person for your private session once per week for 6 consecutive weeks. You will move through this program with other women who will be connected as a community in our private Facebook group. 

This package is for women who are ready to commit to making a change in their lives, who feel that enough is enough, they want something more and are ready to SHINE!


Sessions included:

Week 1 - Life Activation
($250 value)

This is an energy healing session that will connect you to your life's purpose by turning your switch ON. We start with this to clear out energy that is no longer serving you and blocking you from connecting to and expressing your authentic self. 


Week 2 - Full Spirit Activation 
($225 value)

In this second session, we do more energy work that deeply connects you to your soul, your heart and your passion. It helps to rewire your mind so you can more easily unlearn all that no longer serves you.

Again, we want to get your energy in alignment with your higher self before starting the style sessions. We do this so we can more clearly work with your pure, and bright, essence. 


Week 3 - Aura Healing
($100 value)

The first two sessions serve to connect you to your true self and clear out energy that is no longer serving you. This Aura Healing assists in filling your aura so you feel more peaceful, relaxed, and more equipped to handle the stressors of the world.


Week 4 - Personal Style Profile
($250 value)

We're finally ready to discover your personal STYLE. We'll find out which colors, textures, and patterns best match your authentic self, your true beauty, and what garment shapes work best for your exact body type. This is such valuable information to help give you the confidence you're looking for!


Week 5 - In-depth Personal Style Coaching
($150 value) 

Week 4 is jam-packed with a LOT of information about textures, patterns, accessories, types of garments, etc. So, in this session, we go more in-depth on how to apply this information. I'll also utilize your bonus personal Pinterest board to exemplify styles and patterns, etc that will work best for you. 


Week 6 - Closet Review Session
($300 value) 

Our final session is actually done in your home, as we will be going through your closet and creating looks that best express your authentic beauty. We'll have your profile to guide us and you can learn how to apply this to your wardrobe. 


By the end of these 6-weeks, you will have begun some very transformative work, that will leave you feeling more radiant in your being and confident in your wardrobe. You will notice that with each passing week more and more healing and confidence will unfold for you. 

This program is meant to serve woman that are ready to feel empowered in their lives and confident in how they show up in the world. 


Bonus offerings included:

  1. Unlimited email support during the 6-week program ($600)
  2. Community support through the You Deserve the Full Package Package VIP Facebook Group - lifetime access ($1000)
  3. A customized inspirational Pinterest board that shows you examples of what styles work for your specific profile. ($400)


Investment Opportunity:
($3275 value)

Special bonus for a one-time payment in full:
One 30-minute Zoom chat to review the outfits you've been putting together and may have questions about.

Payment plan:
$1000 one month prior to your start date and the rest due when you start. 

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