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BERLIN - The Mecca of Sustainable Fashion


Our second day in Berlin, in search of vegan food, we wandered by a shop called, Loveco: Wear It Eco, which we had to investigate. Upon chatting with the very sweet shop owner she hands us a map… A freaking MAP! …Of all the sustainable shops in Berlin, with over 32 listings on it. How incredible?! In most cities people give us the “question-mark-face” when we ask about sustainable fashion shops.

Over our time here, we visited many of the shops and decided we absolutely must put a shoot together to show you guys some of these cool and earth-friendly goods.

Jumpsuit: by L’Herbe Rouge Levine sold at Homage Sheer Top: The Bronze Medal sold at Un Autre Voodoo Shoes: by Osborn sold at Möon
Jumpsuit: by L’Herbe Rouge Levine sold at Homage
Sheer Top: The Bronze Medal sold at Un Autre Voodoo
Shoes: by Osborn sold at Möon


Kimono: by kimonomono sold at Un Autre Voodoo Pants: Hidde Trousers by Hannibal sold at Homage
Kimono: by kimonomono sold at Un Autre Voodoo
Pants: Hidde Trousers by Hannibal sold at Homage


Dress: Malgorzata Salamon sold at Un Autre Voodoo Pants: by Jan ‘N June sold at Homage Headband: sold at Un Autre Voodoo
Dress: Malgorzata Salamon sold at Un Autre Voodoo
Pants: by Jan ‘N June sold at Homage
Headband: sold at Un Autre Voodoo


White Shirt Dress: by Elise Ballegeer sold at Möon Yellow Striped Dress: by Lanius sold at Homage Necklace: by Forkit! Design sold at Homage
White Shirt Dress: by Elise Ballegeer sold at Möon
Yellow Striped Dress: by Lanius sold at Homage
Necklace: by Forkit!Design sold at Homage

We styled the shoot with the items that caught our eye, but these shops have many designers each and all have their new spring lines out right now. Support them – love the planet!

by Rob Hanna
styling Jenna Leskela