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Wash your clothes in the sunshine!


What the heck is a microfiber?!?!?

Microfibers are little particles that are shed from washing our synthetic clothing. And, it turns out, they are getting into the water, into the fish and into us!

I wanted to provide some quick tips on how we do better here.

One way to prevent this is to “wash” the clothes in the sunshine and by that we just mean hang them in the sun. The sun will get rid of most of the bacteria and you can wipe away any soiled areas with a damp cloth.  

We've started hanging our clothes in the sunshine at the end of the day. You know when you walk in the house and immediately strip down and crawl into your soft pants?! Yeah. We’ve been taking said stripped off clothing and hanging them in the window for tomorrow’s sunshine. They end up all warm and smelling like spring. Try it!

Here are some other great tips that we found from The Plastic Pollution Coalition:

• Wash synthetic clothes less frequently and for a shorter duration.

• Consider switching to a liquid laundry soap. Laundry powder “scrubs” and loosens more microfibers.

• Use a colder wash setting. Higher temperature can damage clothes and release more fibers.

• Dry spin clothes at low revs. Higher revolutions increase the friction between the clothes.

• When you clean out your dryer, place lint in the trash instead of washing it down the drain.

• Consider purchasing a Guppy Friend wash bag. In tests, the bag captured 99 percent of fibers released in the washing process. The bags will soon be available for purchase at Patagonia for $20-30.

• Purchase a washing machine lint filter. These filters require more of an investment, but they will benefit your septic system and the environment. Check out this one or this one.

Here are some more ideas on how we can help from 1 Million Women.


Want to go a little further?

Speak up and tell clothing designers to choose natural fabrics that aren’t prone to shedding. Sign the petition here!

Join Plastic Pollution Coalition to read the latest news and help us get the word out.

Tell your friends and family about microfiber pollution.

Share this article to spread the #StopTheMicrofiber message. We all can do something to help. Or, the one from the PPC:

Love yourself. Love the planet.