We refer to Reformation here as an earth-friendly Zara. They have great, on-trend styles and are leading the way in innovation around new materials.

Take, for example, the dress featured here—which has been squished into our owner’s backpack for 3.5 months as she traveled the globe—is made from Lenzing Viscose. What the hell is that? Right, it’s a fiber made from tree pulp and other renewable plant material. Freaking cool!!

This is directly from Reformation’s website (below). They really go above and beyond to let you know what you are wearing and it’s impact on the planet.

“This is made of Lenzing Viscose, a fiber made from tree pulp and other renewable plant material. Lenzing sources trees from verified sustainably managed forests, and recycles the chemical and waste products that result from the production process. This fabric was woven in one of our partner mills in China, that has been audited by a third party to meet our sustainability standards. The fabric is free of harmful substances such as heavy metals, AZO dyes and formaldehydes. It’s weird when you wear formaldehyde anyway. All of our products are made in sunny LA.”

This brand is so fun and sassy, they make clothes to obsess over and have tons of fun doing it. I can’t recommend them enough. Say bye to Zara and “Hello, Reformation!!”

Check out their other fab dresses!

Peru, South America
by Jenna Leskela
model Daisha Kissel

Written by Jenna Leskela

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