We traveled back to beloved Berlin, in June, to partake in their Fashion Week … more specifically their Ethical Fashion Week. Here is a quick list of our runway favorites.

Vegan Fashion

Modern, chic and a little sexy, Noumenon is a vegan brand that pulls their inspiration from “expressive female activists from the seventies.” What women doesn’t want to channel those babes?!


Love Fashion / Think Organic / Be responsible

Lanius was one of the sponsors of the week, without them things like this may not come to fruition. Lots of gratitude, Lanius! As far as shopping goes, they have quite an extensive collection. With their, mostly, classic style, they offer many modern silhouettes, styles, colors and patterns. I think almost everyone will be able to find an item that they will adore in Lanius’ shop. *Free shipping within Germany.


ACKERMANN (bags)  CARPASUS (shirts)
A little something for the men.

These shirts look great and feel great. Carpasus is one of the few brands creating sustainable dress shirts for men. As for the Ackermann bags, they are leather, but they are treated with olive oil and not the nasty chemicals that most leather is processed with.


Designer Lingerie

We are always looking for something sexy in this eco-world. Heart Couture is handmade in Germany and fulfilling our boudoir desires.


Maximize the Minimum

We’re into this urban style; minimal, modern and a bit bold. Elsien Gringhuis has taken their business model to the next level by doing away with seasonal collections. This new model uses less energy and generates less waste. In their own words, they “follow their our own rhythm.”

Another aspect we look for in designers is when their patterns are conscious, to reduce waste in production by maximizing the entire bolt of fabric. EG is nailing it. They are produced 100% in the Netherlands to stimulate local craftsmanship.


Eco Materials

C. Pauli is not a designer, but a company that creates organic fabrics and materials for designers. They have a variety of sustainable materials; canvas, jean, terry, jersey, gabardine, etc. in many colors and fun, poppy patterns. Designers, if you’re not already sourcing sustainable materials it’s time to start.


Design for Circularity

DFC won the Green Fashion Award this year and we can see why, with their super cool silhouettes and timeless color palette. This collection featured, is in collaboration with Jan ‘N June, another brand you should totally check out.

DFC is a “sustainable design consultancy” founded by designer Ina Budde. Ina has set out to create products, in collaboration with others, that have meaning, a long life and an endless value. We will be sure to post the links when these become available online!


We will keep showing you sustainable brands that we hope you fall in love with, follow, connect with or support. Our intent is to make sustainable fashion more available and to present you with cool, modern options that will begin to replace your fast fashion, imported and cheaply made products ... if you still have some. Let's be real, it's a process. Let’s support each other and enhance our lives by living in a more unified way with our beautiful home, planet Earth.

Love yourself. Love the planet.


Written by Jenna Leskela

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