Are you in that flow of following your intuition relentlessly or is it still something you question? Maybe somewhere in the middle?


I've been through all of the stages and have had enough of the "Damn it! Why didn't I listen to myself?" moments to turn into a relentless listener. Even when it makes no sense, I know my intuition is right on, powerful and there for a reason, guiding me into beautiful moments and nothing I can't handle. 


So when my “egg-timer” went off to go see my bestie in Portland, I immediately turned on the flight tracker to start manifesting an easy and affordable trip out there. 



This was the first time my intuition showed through as an “egg-timer,” (LOL) but I’ve learned to listen none-the-less. Some refer to that calling as their “inner bell,” some hear actual words, see visions or just have a deep inner knowing of events yet to come. Usually, this comes to me in the inner knowing variety, but egg-timer? Sure. We'll go with it. 


Off I went! The whirlwind weekend was so rich and full of deep, soulful conversations, all affirming the need to visit her ...and the deep gratitude I have for myself, I guess, for knowing to listen to that small voice. Er. I mean, egg-timer. 


She and I, and usually a third soul-diving lady, have done much journeying on this globe, as well as, traversing the depths of our heart, soul, ego, beingness and beyond. However, this particular journey happens to have held us uniquely both in partnership with our soulmates. The four of us and a soul-fellow pooch wandered, ate, talked... mostly talked. We explored city and seaside, spoke with the trees, the rocks, the water and each other about these times we find ourselves in. As spiritual seekers, we found commonalities in the current states of our being. 


We are expanding into Light, increasingly aware of where we are still blocked and not allowing and accepting the flow of that Light. We are embracing self-love and turning to service—service to each other, our communities, the world at large, including our mother planet.



The question, huge, in all of our hearts: How do we really create change? How do we get others to see what they don’t want to see, or are not ready to see? Wanting to be of service to Mother Earth and her inhabitants we need to create this change, NOW. However, there are so many people that can not see the damage of their actions, or inactions—to other human beings, the plants, the animals, the soil, the water and some would even say the entire Universe.



Our loving gang-of-four have all come to understand, in our own way, that we  actually can’t MAKE people change. That has to come from within, when there is the readiness and willingness to do so. However, we have all also come to understand that we can INSPIRE. We can CREATE new systems and communities that support each other in this path of Light, this way of change. 


Building these systems and communities helps to anchor the Light and the Love (here on Earth) giving others a place to turn when their particular level of experiencing the world starts disintegrating—when they start to see the impact of their actions in a new way. It fosters the inklings of a new view, opening up to the new ways of a New Earth, a New Paradigm, Shamballah.




There are so many ways in which you are being guided into these new levels of awareness. You probably already sense that things are changing from within. Listen to that inner voice, your small voice, your egg-timer and look for those synchronistic signs, listen to your body/your gut. You already know so much—this is your truth. This is your beacon of light in a foggy world. 


If this sounds like a shift that’s taking place for you, I'd love for you to reach out. I am here. We are here. We are here for you to share, to shine, to be where and who you are. Welcome, Child of Light. You are blessed. You are divine. You are loved. There is SO MUCH freaking JOY here in this space of listening to your intuition, your true self—and you deserve it all. 
See if your intuitive bells ring with any of these services that can help guide you back to yourself, back to your joy. #shineon
Written by Jenna Leskela

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